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If you're looking for metal, contact us here:


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We pay top prices for all types of metals. Copper, Aluminum, Brass, electric and communication wire, stainless steel, etc. can all be brought into our facility. Some material may need to be analyzed and graded with our state of the art equipment, or if oversized, may need special handling. Please call if there are special questions or concerns.

Metals Types:
- Aluminum
- Copper
- Brass
- Stainless steel
- Aluminum Cans
- Lead
- Insulated wire
- Nickel alloys
- Precious metals
- Steel/iron/ferrous

Whether you bring the material to us or we bring us to you, we provide quality service at competitive pricing.​

We also have a thriving eBay business that has grown in the recent years. Our eBay Store name is We have found that many of the parts that we regularly have in stock sell very well in that marketplace. Although eBay is not our core business, we have enjoyed finding new buyers and avenues of selling through it. We have serviced customers from every side of industry, from the control panel builder, to resellers, to maintenance department heads, to automation techs, to the gadget guy working on a project in his garage. We sell a wide variety of items such as electric motors, electronics, air, hydraulics, cables, robotic parts, industrial equipment, and much more.
We strive to service all of them with the same respect that they deserve, and we appreciate every one of them as our valued customers.




Product Precision Services Inc., familiarly known as PPSI, is owned by Joe Pemberton. The company has grown substantially in the past few years it has been in existence. PPSI is broke up into two core businesses. ” PPSI Iron and Metal ” and “ PPSI Industrial parts ”. PPSI Iron & Metal is where we buy ferrous and non-ferrous material from an individual to large Companies. PPSI Industrial Parts is the purchasing of surplus industrial material and selling it at wholesale prices using our network of contacts. We have purchased this material from complete plant shutdowns or from individuals just looking to turn small inventories into cash. No matter what the size of the inventory, we can handle it. So, if you have material or know where there is material for sale, let us know about it and we will either buy it from you or help you sell it.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our site and we hope you will come again and we look forward to doing business with you.


Selling & Buying with PPSI:

Ebay Store:

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